Familia Harding

Familia Harding (The Brainy Bunch) 1


O familie din Statele Unite ale Americii cu 10 copii care au primit o importantă parte a educației acasă, în sistem homeschooling, și au izbutit să atingă performanțe greu de atins de majoritatea conaționalilor acestora: 7 dintre copii au intrat la colegiu la vârsta de 12 ani. Trebuie să ținem seama de lumea în care trăiesc, de nivelul și calitatea școlilor americane, pentru a înțelege valoarea celor clădite de acești părinți în copiii lor.

Să privim și noi pentru a ne face o mică idee despre modul în care părinții Kip și Mona Lisa văd și trăiesc minunata experiență de a fi părinte.

Kip și Mona Lisa Harding și-au strâns și înfățișat cu simplitate cele mai importante idei despre educație într-o carte din care vom spicui și noi, așezând textul direct în limba engleză:

Familia Harding (The Brainy Bunch) 2

„We would love to tell you that we are geniuses and that our children have our special, unique DNA to match our brilliance. Yet this is hardly the case. We are your average family and your average neighbors with ten children. Well, okay, maybe that is not so average. But if you have met some big homeschooling families, you might already have some preconceived ideas of what we are about. Like the list of reasons why we homeschool, we thought we’d share what the Brainy Bunch really looks like.

First off, we are Christians. We love our Lord Jesus with all our hearts and have dedicated our lives to teaching our children to love Jesus first and others second. If we succeed in this, then we have fulfilled our purpose on this earth.

Second, we are not perfect. We fail all the time. We fight just like everybody else. We yell at each other in anger at times, yet we know how to forgive. We try really hard to forgive as we have been forgiven.

Third, as we said, we are not geniuses. Every member of our family is of average intelligence. There is nothing special about our genes.

Our kids have been able to start college by the age of twelve because of two things: the grace of God and the vision to accelerate our teaching methods that we have come to through Him.

The fourth thing you should know about us is that we are not experts. We continue to figure out things as we go. We did different things with our first daughter than what we are doing now with our youngest children. We cannot tell people, “Do this list of things and your child will be ready to enter college by age twelve.” However, we do have a general method that we have been following and we have gotten pretty nice results considering who our children are (more on them very shortly).”

(Kip și Mona Lisa Harding, The Brainy Bunch: The Harding Family’s Mwthod to College Ready by Age Twelve, 2014)


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